IKTHOF Throwing Rules


IKTHOF Knife Rules

Throwers throw four rounds of three knives from each of five distances, for a total of 60 knives. Each round consists of three knives thrown from five distances moving back to the next distance after each three knives have been thrown.First minimum distance of 2 meters three knives thrown by the blade, second minimum distance of three meters thrown by the handle,Third three knives thrown by the blade from a minimum distance of 4 meters ,Fourth three knives from a minimum distance of 5 meters by the handle, fifth three knives from a minimum distance of 6 meters by the blade. The thrower must throw the next 15 knives from the same distances three more times for a complete 60 knives. No more than three after each three knives thrown by the designated Blade or handle from each distance .

(11 years and younger)
Handle Throw-One Spin - No minimum distance
Blade Throw-One and one-half spin - No minimum distance
Handle Throw-Two spins - No minimum distance

(12-15 years old) Same rules as Adult's Division but no minimum distances.

over 16
Blade Throw-Half Spin (2 meters) - (6 ft. 6 inches)
Handle Throw-Full Spin (3 meters) - (9 ft. 10 inches)
Blade Throw-One and one-half spin (4 meters) - (13 ft. 2 inches)
Handle Throw-Two spins (5 meters) - (16 ft. 5 inches)
Blade Throw-Two and one-half spins (6 meters) - (19 ft. 8 inches)

IKTHOF Tomahawk Rules:

Tomahawks 4 rounds

Juniors (5-11) throw three distances. One spin hawk, one and a half spin hawk, and two spin hawk for a maximum of 180 points.

Youth (12-15) Youths may go to any distance for all 15 hawks per round. Maximum of 300 points

Adults 16 and over - Throwers throw four rounds of three hawks from each of five distances, for a total of 60 hawks.Each round consists of 15 tomahawks, three hawks thrown from each distance, three hawks at one spin at a minimum distance of 3 meters;
three hawks at one and a half spins from a minimum distance of 4 meters;
three hawks at two spins from a minimum distance of 6 meters;
three hawks at two and a half spins from a minimum distance of 7 meters;
and three hawks at three spins from a minimum distance of 9 meters. Maximum of 300 points.

Official IKTHOF Regulations

Three targets will be mounted perpendicular to the thrower, (e.g., against a wall or backstop) in a "V" pattern. The upper left and right targets are centered 152 centimeters or 60 inches from the ground and the center target is centered 127 centimeters or 50 inches from the ground. Each target will be a log round at least 50 centimeters or 20 inches in diameter. A 10 centimeter bulls-eye is placed in the center of each target and then 4 larger rings around it measuring 20, 30, 40, and 50 centimeters.

Throwing Sequence
Throwers throw one knife each at the three targets in a "V" pattern: top left-center-top right. The first knife thrown only counts if it sticks in the upper left target; the second knife only counts if it sticks in the center target, and the last knife must stick the upper right target. Knives that stick in targets out of this order do not count. Knives cannot be pulled until all three knives are thrown and scored at each distance.

Knives must be no shorter than 30.5 centimeters or 12 inches, no longer than 40.6 centimeters or 16 inches, and must have a point on only one end. One set of knives, of uniform shape, material and weight must be used for each test. Knives may not be exchanged during a test unless the replacement is of the same type. Throwers may use a different set of knives for each separate test. Knife "spins" are suggested only. Distances are required, while style is up to the thrower.

Tomahawks - An axe defined as a tomahawk shall be describes as:
Hawk handles must be a be at least 35.6 cm or (14 inches) in length from the pole of the hawk head to the bottom of the handle.
Hawk blade's cutting edge must measure no more than 11.4 cm or (4.5 inches).

Throwers may lean in, but the thrower's feet after follow-through must remain behind the minimum mark for each distance; if any part of a thrower's foot crosses the line the knife/hawk will not count, and may not be re-thrown. Knives/hawks will be scored as they stick (they will not be moved or "straightened" for scoring). Only knives/hawks sticking point first in the face of a target at the time of scoring are counted; knives/hawks that fall out before scoring do not count. Scoring is as follows: Five points for the bulls-eye of 10 centimeters, four points for the ring of 20 centimeters, three points for the ring of 30 centimeters, two points for the ring of 40 centimeters, and one point for the outer ring of 50 centimeters. If the point of the knife/hawk is not in the face of the target, even if the blade of the knife cleaves the edge of the circle, it does not count. The state or country representative present is the final arbiter of the score of a knife/hawk. Instances where the call seems to be a "toss up" should be decided in favor of the thrower.

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